Chantal Kreviazuk

Ghosts of You(Chords)

Chantal Kreviazuk

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Key: Dm
Tabbed by: Rob McLellan  [email protected] 

I used the sus2 and maj7 chords to try and hit some of the notes 
played by piano to transition some of the vocals and  
chord progressions. Modify or remove them as needed... 

Chords used 
Dm      xx0231 or x57765 
Dsus2   xx0230 or x57755 
A#      x13331 or 688766 
A#sus2  x13311 
C       x32010 or x35553 
Cm                x35543 
F       xx3211 or 133211 
F7      xx3210    132211 
D       xx0232 or x57775 

Dm Dsus2   Dm Dsus2   A# A#sus2    C 

We were occupied 
  Dsus2        Dm          Dsus2 
I never had to go outside 
I was your alibi 
We were planning our escape 

We stayed up all night 
  Dsus2          Dm          Dsus2   
With Lucy in the diamond sky 
Drank cheap red wine 
And tucked ourselves to sleep 

F F7 Please don't go F F7 These ghosts of you A# C The only thing that helped get me through the day F F7 Baby please don't go F F7 'Cause I love you A# C You're the only one that will stay the same
{Repeat intro and verse chords} We could laugh out loud And sing until the sun came out We took a secret vow That we would never change You always loved to dance I wish we had another chance To go back in time And do it all again REPEAT Chorus A#sus2 I don't want to live forever A# But if we could be together Cm D Then I wouldn't mind infinity A#sus2 I don't want to live forever A# Oh, but I can still remember Cm D No, I wouldn't mind infinity Dm Dsus2 Dm Dsus2 A# A#sus2 C REPEAT Chorus x 2
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