Celeste Buckingham

I'm Not Sorry(Chords)

Celeste Buckingham

Key: Gm
verse 1:  
          Gm                 F           Eb  
So you wanna push me take my edges away and try to make me something different  
You think you can mold me like I'm made of clay and erase all my innocence  

Cm           Eb                   Gm                 F 
Don't put me in a box 'cause my soul is all I got and I ain't getting another one  
Cm            Eb 
Oh I may feel a lot  

Gm F Cm Eb But I'm not sorry I'm not worried I'm not ashamed to be the girl I am Gm F Cm I can't hide it not trying to fight it I'm just doing the very best that I can Gm F F/E Eb D You want me to lie and apologize for what's inside of me Gm F Eb F Gm F Eb But I'm not sorry, no, I'm not sorry I'm not sorry, no, I'm not sorry
verse 2: So go ahead and hate me for who I am or love me for who I'll never be It's not always pretty I'll get black and blue there's more to me than you'll ever see PreChorus: You don't like what I am You don't think that I can Well I don't need your approval No you won't understand (Chorus) Bridge: Cm F It's not wrong when I make a m stake, Cm Eb F D so what do you want? Do you wanna see me break? (Chorus) 0,5x and 1x

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