Key: Dm

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	        Bb          F         A        Dm 
Ease your breath, untie my hands 
Bb           F        A    Dm 
Release my neck, if you can 
Bb          F      A         Dm 
You don‚??t have to be like that 
Bb                   Bbm 
Don‚??t be afraid, there‚??s nothing strange 
F             A  Dm 
It‚??s not a trap 
 Bb                         F 
But there‚??s cars coming closer 
A                                Dm 
And I think they‚??re trying to run me over 
Bb             F 
Poisoning my food 
A                               Dm 
And putting drugs inside my water 
 Bb                      F 
There‚??s ghosts in my house 
A                               Dm 
And I can taste blood in my mouth 
Bb                 Bbm 
Don‚??t be afraid, I‚??m not insane 
             F       A        Bb       Bbm 
Just irrational, but isn‚??t that the same? 

Final F  A  Bb  Bbm 
        F  G  A  Bb

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