Banana Bread(Chords)


Key: Bb

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Capo on 6th fret
Intro E  C#m  E  C#m 
      A  B  E  C#m  E 

Verse 1:

E C#m You're falling further down but I've Got you by a thread E I wrap the cord around my arms until my C#m Hands start to turn red A B But it's not enough, it won't be E Enough to save you ( C#m ) E She's so in love with all the things C#m I hate most about myself E I'm so in love with all the sounds C#m She makes when she smiles and well A B It's a little tough, to put conker E Shells on ice sheets C#m Without breaking through, and flooding The whole town


A I hope you're alright B E I didn't wanna wake up last night C#m Cause I quite liked the dream I had of A Holding your hand B It's funny how slowly time goes when C#m E My thoughts have been racing all this Time ( E C#m E C#m ) ( A B E C#m E )

Verse 2:

E It's alright to feel a little bit of C#m Darkness now and then E I know I've said it once but I still C#m Tell myself again and again A B You'll never be enough, but what is E Enough, you're selfless C#m Isn't that enough E C#m Banana bread before I go to bed will put The bees to sleep E Otherwise they'd buzz and sting my C#m Lungs all night inside of me A B Just wait a little while, you don't Cry too much E You know that when you smile, the sun C#m Shines more gently Final E C#m E C#m A B E C#m E

Written by Janethecreator

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