Cat Power

Naked If I Want To(Chords)

Cat Power

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Key: Eb
 	Eb	Bb	Cm 
Would you 	let me w	alk down your 	street 
 	Ab	A	Eb 
 	Naked if I want t	o?     	  

 	Eb	Bb 
 	Can I 	pop fireworks 
 	Cm	Ab	A	Eb 
On the 	Fourth of Jul	y?    	    	  

 	Eb	Bb	Cm 
 	Can I buy an 	amplifier  	  
 	Cm	Ab 
 	On t	ime? 

 	Eb	Bb 
 	I ain't got no 	money now, 
 	A	Eb 
But I will 	pay you before I die	. 
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