Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Northfield Mn(Chords)

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

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Key: Am
Am G 
Am  F  C  G (x2) 

             Am                           F 
You took the baby to your mother's end of June 
    C                                   G 
and kissed her for the last time on the bed in your old room 
           Am                                  F 
Then up to Northfield in the Fairmont just you two 
    C                               G 
You always drove the getaway so you wouldn't have to shoot 
            Am                                   F 
and after a couple jobs like clockwork where not one of you had slipped 
         C                              G 
You were on your way back to Wisconsin, hit a deer and flipped 

Am  F  C  G (x2) 

               Am                               F 
Came to on the pavement, bleeding hard from the crash 
           C                             G 
Calling to no one; he was as gone as the cash 
                  Am                                  F 
But there was the Ford flipped under an overpass, the baby seat strapped in the back 
    C                                          G 
The windshield smashed and red streaked, as an exploded dye pack 
           Am                                      F 
and so you crawled in and you closed the door, and laid on what was now the floor 
    C                                   G 
and swore that you would figure out the rest when it was morning 

Am  F  C  G (x4) 
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