Caroline Konstnar

The Jellyfish Song(Chords)

Caroline Konstnar

Key: Em
Em7   A7 

Verse 1:

Dmaj7 F#m7 B7 They say Jellyfish are la- zy Em7 A7 But I don't think their lives are that cra- zy Dmaj7 Soft bodied sea creatures, F#m7 B7 Showing off their curvy features Em7 They don't seem to give a f*ck A7 Swimming around, testing their luck
Dmaj7 F#m7 I'd like to be a jellyfish, B7 It's a dream of mine Em7 My only wish We're all just animals A7 Living meaningless lives with unachievable goals

Verse 1:

Dmaj7 Why can't we be like the jellyfish? F#m7 B7 Gelatinous creatures who don't give a shit Em7 Veil bodied bitches, A7 That leave you in stitches.
Dmaj7 F#m7 B7 I try to justify my life by convincing myself E7 of complex lies Why can't I just be free A7 Like these fish made of jelly? Dmaj7 I'd like to be a jellyfish. F#m7 B7 Em7 I'd like to be a jellyfish. A7 Why don't you be a jellyfish

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