Caitlin Rose

Sinful Wishing Well(Chords)

Caitlin Rose

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Key: G

G                                     Em 
though i don't know when I'll hit the bottom 
       C             D                 G 
I been fallin for so long that I can't tell 
G                                Em 
I know that you'll never hear me calling 
         C            D              G 
From the bottom of my sinful wishing well 

bass walk 

       Em                              G 
I been makin lots of friends along the way 
    Em               C                     D 
and they all tell me you'll come back some day 
Wish I could believe em 
but my friends are so deceivin  
       C               D              G 
and so full of all the easy things to say 

Em G every poison penny as it falls Em C D carves your poison name up on the wall G and they're piling up so fast Em I can't make my wishes last C D G I don't think They're doin any good at all
Em cause I been thinking hurricaines and C bullets fallin down like rain D G I think of you and that's just when it starts Em In the dark you know I've seen it C But you know that I don't mean it D G from the bottom of my angry broken heart Chrous
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