Caio Aguiar

Faraway Seventies(Chords)

Caio Aguiar

Key: D

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D                       G 
Takin' a break from the real life 
                       A                       D 
And hangin' around somewhere upon the hills out of town 
D                    G 
A pretty girl and my guitar 
               A                               D 
Spending all day with her, enjoying the liberator sound 

She came dressed in white 
With flowers in her hair, saying 'we're home now' 
Friends, music and a good wine 
The montains were such a lively place to escape from the world around 

I got up with the sunlight 
When I realized that it was all a dream, that hedonism I'll never live 
Where are those old good vibes? 
I was born at the wrong place, at the wrong time
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