Caetano Veloso

So In Love(Chords)

Caetano Veloso

Key: Eb

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	        Intro Cm9  Cm7(9/13-) 

Cm9     Cm7(9/13-)      G7    G7(9-) 
Strange dear,   but true, dear 
     Cm7(9)       Fm7      
When I'm close to you, dear 
   Bb4     Bb7(9-)   Eb6   Eb7(9)   
The stars  fill  the sky 
      Ab7M      D7(9-)   G7M   Gm9- 
So in love  with  you  am I 

Cm9  Cm7(9/13-)  G7   G7(9-)  
E|----v| en  without you
Cm7(9) Fm7 My arms fold about you B4 Bb/Ab Abº You know darling why Eb7M(9) Fm7 Bb7(13-) Eb7M(9) Eb7(9) So in love with you am I Fm7 Bb7(9) Eb7M(9) In love with the night mysterious Fm7 Bb7(9-/13) Eb6 The night when you first were there Fm7 Bb7(9) Eb7M(9) Dm7(5-) G7(13-) In love with my joy delirious Eb7M/G Am7(5-) D7(9-) G7M G7(13-) G7 When I knew that you could care Cm9 Cm7(9/13-) G7 G7(9-) So touch me, and hurt me Cm7(9) Fm7 Deceive me, desert me B4 Bb/Ab Gm7(5-) C7(9-) I'm yours, till I die Fm7 C#7(9) Eb7M(9) Eb6(9) So in love... So in love Ebº Fm7 Bb7(9) Eb7M(9) So in love with you, my love... am I

Written by Cole Porter

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