Caetano Veloso

Shy Moon(Chords)

Caetano Veloso

Key: E

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	        E  F#/E  G            Bm7      C7+
Shy moon, hiding in the haze
                Bm7        C7+
I can see your white face
                  E  F#/E    E F#/E
Hope you can hear my tune, shy moon
   G            Bm7      C7+
Why didn't you stop her
Don't you know i suffer?
C7+                 E   F#/E   E  F#/E    G
And you'll watch me cry soon, shy moon
                    Bm7      C7+
Glow through the pollution
            Bm7       C7+
Find me a solution
                 E     F#/E   E  F#/E     G
I'll wait on the high dune, shy moon

Contribuição: Murilo Duarte([email protected])
Correção: LEANDRO DE CARVALHO HENRIQUE ([email protected])

Written by Caetano Veloso

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