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Take a Toke(Chords)

C&C Music Factory

Key: G

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G Cm D7 Take a toke slow or you might choke G Cm D7 I got the best love you ever smoked, G Cm D7 take a toke but baby it's no joke G Cm D7 So strong it'll make you choke
(SEGUE A MÚSICA NESSA MESMA BASE) Spark up the love you need in me, in me Roll it up tight lightly And don't let any fall down Get rid of the slight debris between you and me 'Cause we don't need any bad seeds Eb7+ Cause all of my life, baby Dm I've been living kind trife, sugar Cm No one to guide me through D The day dan night without a clue Eb7+ And I really need someone Dm To point me in the right direction Cm Swing my way, Parley parley D Prove my point that I am the joint Refrão (MESMA BASE) There's no need to try to front on you On you I'd rather be...blunt This much is true Slid the room , let's hit the room, baby No supersonic once you get the taste the chronic More than you'll ever need Eb7+ Dm You ignite me and I'll ignite you Cm And once the sheets burn, baby D I've got some more bambu Eb7+ And when the smoke clears Dm Lady, still my eyes focus on you Cm Huff-n-puff some of my funk stuff D Prove my point that I am joint Refrão G I like it (I like it) Cm D7 I love it (i love it) G I need it (i need it) Cm D7 I want it Got to have it Refrão

Written by Robert Clivillés/Jorge Corante/Duran Ramos

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