The Day Walk (Never Before)(Chords)


Key: G
Intro:  G  F  C  (4X) 
        G		     F      C 
In your blue room sit with a candle lit 
     G               F                Am    
On a charcoal bed of dreams you carry on 
           G		           F       C 
Though the streets are hot you can still a lot 
            G            F                  Am   /E      /D C 
But you can walk out and forget there isn't time to take a  loan 
           F                       E7                   A7    
But you're now into something that you were immune to before 
          F                      E7                    A7   F    
And there wasn't a sign you just fell into line at the door 
        G		      F        C 
And the question sands in the palms of hands  
       G                F               Am   /E      /D  C 
Of the wretches picking pieces of their minds up off the floor 
On the mantel place there is still a trace 
Of the plastic face you hung your moments on 
And the sudden scare of a landing there on the sea 
That you don't care to even see when you're alone 
But the day is too short and you can't find support in the sun 
You had thought you'd decide to just stick out the ride as it comes 
But the emptiness of a thing that's less than what it was thought to be 
Has left you wondering just how much more 
by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 

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