Please Let Me Love You(Chords)


Key: F#
Intro: F#   E  (3X) 
F#            E          F#     E  
Please let me love you a while 
F#                 E              B 
Let me live in the warmth of your smile 
E                B      
Let them see you with me 
E                  B 
Let them wish they could be 
E        B 
as lucky as me 
   D#m      G#m      G        A     B  F#  
To have you here, to hold you oh so ne-ear 
   E        F#        
Oh yeah, oh yeah 
Please let me love you today 
Let me give you my heart right away 
And weŽll walk in the sun 
And weŽll tell everyone 
A new love has begun 
Just you and me, always 
Oh yeah oh yeah 
D#m        E          B   
And when I hold you I feel so high 
D#m        E                C# 
And when I kiss you I could fly 
1st verse 
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 

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