Cheer Up(Chords)


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Key: A
A E D Dm 
A E D 
A E D Dm 
A E D 

               A                E             D 
You left the light on in your room when you told me I should leave.  
                  A                  E                D 
I think there's something that you don't want me to know. 
            A                 E                    D                Dm  
I didn't think it would play out like this, my patience is running thin 
                 A             E             D       Dm  
and there's so many places I still haven't gone to.  
                A      E            D             Dm 
I'm fighting endless wars with my super shallow brain. 
               A   E      D   Dm  
I'm feeling sorry for myself.  
         A         E          D         Dm 
I'm convinced that I know absolutely nothing 
           A              E        D  
and I'm pretty sure I'm going to Hell.  
(How's it going, Emily?)  

A E D Dm 
A E D 
A E D Dm 
A E D 
           A             E                D 
I love so many fucking people that will never love me back  
              A            E       D 
and I have friends that I owe my life to.  
             A             E            D               
I'm feeling down, and I'm too lazy to pick myself back up  
          Dm       A         E           D 
and I'm pulling everyone around me down too.  
               A                E                 D       Dm 
I guess it's nothing I can't change, but I don't want to.  
                  A               E                  D 
I guess it's something I should hate, but I feel nothing. 
               A      E            D                  Dm  
I guess I'm being dramatic but I can't help feeling lonely 
      A          E        D  
and reality is slipping away. 
I'm just gonna get back to the surface.  

        A             E                 D              Dm 
I wanna go into the woods and crash my bike into the creek. 
          A                E             D          
I wanna take off all my clothes and disappear just for the weekend. 
         A    E      D    Dm  
I wanna be alright again.  
         A        E     D   
I wanna be just fine again. 
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