By The Tree


By The Tree

Key: G
G       A          Bm 
Takin? time to realize 
        A                    G 
I was wrong, You were never gone 
          A                   Bm 
When you fell, you?ve fell on me 

Pré - Refrão 
G          A  
Can I be close to you, yeah? 
Bm          A 
Can I just touch You Lord? 

D Em7 G A You revel yourself to me D Em7 G (Bm A) You revel yourself to me
G A Bm I in You, you are my king A G This gift of melody I bring A Bm Forever true You will be You will be Pré Refrão Refrão Bm A Lord here I am G I?m waiting for you to come Bm A G Lord here I am come and take my soul A Come and take everything Refrão

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