By Heart

Throughout The Night(Chords)

By Heart

Key: C

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C                                                 F 
This is not the silence; I've been waiting for so long 
I hear insect's fussing, like the city nearby 
               D            C      A# 
I believe that someday I'll end up here 
                                                  D#        F 
But throughout the night I'm alive, watching some fireflies die 
          A#           D#                   F 
I'm not ready, I'm not ready for the day to come 
                     A#            C 
It is much, much to bright 
I walk the steps of Jesus, but they don't lead me anywhere 
I here the vice of buddha but nothing is real i believe 
                      E        A 
Where can I find some peace of mind? 
      C                                           F       G 
Well, throughout the night I'm alive, deep in the ocean I dive 
                 C                 F                      G 
The stars in the water reflect the hour's that are yet to come 
And they don't look that bright 
It is not yet quiet, I've been snoozing my alarm 
I'm an insect crawling through the day and the night 
                    D          C       A# 
I've been left with nothing to hold on to 
                                              D#       F 
Throughout the night I'm alive, the desert is soothing my 
             A#                    D#                  F 
Wherever the wind blows it finds a pathway in the sand below 
Then I'll know where to go
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