Key: C
Piano intro: 
        C        Dm       Em      F/G  G 
Verse 1: 
        C     Dm7/C               C      Dm7/C 
        Susan,    looks like I am losin' 
                      Am                Fm6 
        I'm losin' my mind  (losin' my mind) 
                        C    {1: Dm7   G7 
        I'm wastin' my time 
Verse 2: 
        Susan, do you have to be confusin' 
        I ask myself why (ask myself why) 
	You're sayin' goodbye 
        Dm       G#dim           Em               E7/G# 
        No other girl could ever take the place of you 
        Though you're hurtin' me 
        D7                       Dm 
        You know I'll always be thinkin' of you 
        Dm7/G              G7 
        Girl I always love you 
{repeat verse 2 instrumentally} 
{repeat chorus} 
{freak-out section} 
	{Editor's note:  when I heard them live, they extended the 
	freak-out section for a couple minutes, stepped up to the mic, 
	and executed the acappella section in *perfect* four-part 
	harmony without *any* pitch reference!  And no, it wasn't taped, 
	either; this was 1968...} 
Acappella break: 
        Love love love love... 
        I love you, yes I do, I do	(2X) 
Coda (repeat to fade): 
        C     Dm7/C   C      Dm7/C 
        Susan     I love you 
-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

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