Buck Owens

No Love Have I(Chords)

Buck Owens

Key: G#
Capo on 1st fret

  G          C             G 
A man can be happy without money  
       G                          D 
But he must have some love in his life 
     G            C          G  
I've lost you and now I'm so lonely  
G              D            G 
Lonely, 'cause no love have I 

    C                   G   
I'd trade my life for a beggar  
      G           A7           D 
If he had someone close by his side 
G           C               G 
Sometimes I can't keep from crying  
G             D            G 
Crying 'cause no love have I 


I know that I must keep on living  
But it's so hard to hold my hand high 
My worldly possessions mean nothing  
Nothing 'cause no love have I 

Chorus 2: 
I hope you'll be happy in your world  
I've wondered since we've said goodbye 
I've prayed that you'll always have someone  
And never say no love have I

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