Bryan White

The Staying(Chords)

Bryan White

Key: A

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	        Artist: Bryan White 
 Writers: John Tirro, Derek George and Scott Emerick 
 Album: How Lucky I Am 
 Tabbed By: Amy Kershaw 
                     [email protected] 
 Capo First Fret 
 Intro: A {D A E} 4 times 
 A D E 
 She's got the butterflies, you got em too 
 A D E 
 You look into her eyes and it's quite a view 
 F#m D E A 
 You see forever all mapped out 
 A D E A 
 I hope you know what your talking about 
B E F# Cause it ain't the falling in love that pulls you through B E F# When the times get tough what you gonna do Abm E F# B To make it last day out and day in B E F# It ain't the falling in love it's the staying
A D E A twice A D E You call each others faults endearing traits A D E Until the day they all start to irritate F#m D E A And when the new is getting gone A D E A That's when you learn how to keep hanging on Chours Bridge: G G2 D Through the ins and outs Em Em7 Through the waves of doubt C {G A} That's what loves about Solo Break: D {G D} A times 2 Outro: B E F# times 8
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