Bryan White

One Small Miracle(Chords)

Bryan White

Key: G

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  She's standing at the front door 
C G 
  With her suitcase in her hand 
  I'm starin' down the hallway 
D G 
  Frozen where I stand 
  She says she doesn't love me anymore 
  Oh, Lord, what can I do 
  It's gonna take a miracle to make her stay 
  That's why I'm askin' You. 
C Please, don't You have a miracle G Just lyin' around D One small miracle, nobody needs G Send it on down C I'll never make it thru this night G Thinkin' she's with someone else D Please, don't You have C G Just one small miracle left?
Verse 2: G I know I haven't been a Saint C G And asking You for anything, takes nerve 'Cause You've already been blessed me D G With so much more in life, than I deserve But if You can make a blind man see C G And change the water into wine Surely You can keep her from D G Tearin' out this old heart of mine. Repeat Chorus: D C G Please, don't You have just one small miracle left? [email protected]

Written by Bill Anderson/Steve Wariner

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