Bruno Merz


Bruno Merz

Key: C
Intro C  C7M  

C            C7M      C   C7M 
Through this silent tree 
C             C7M     C   C7M 
the sun slept on its way 
That's the cool 
      G           C    C7M 
so shadow reached over 
Dm                   G 
I saw my whole life passing 
   C      C7M 
before me 
 F         C 
Time is a river 
Dm       C 
Flowing fast 
F            C          Dm   C          
So come and sit here by me 
F          C 
I want to tell you 
Dm        C 
While it lasts 
     F                 C 
That I love you, everyday 
     F                 C 
That I love you, everyday 

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