Britt Nicole

The Lost Get Found(Chords)

Britt Nicole

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Key: C
(verse 1)
C     G          D          Em 
Hello my friend, I remember when you were 
C         G 
soo alive with your wide eyes to the light 
D            Em 
that you had and your heart was stolen 
C           G 
now you say that it aint worth staying 
D             Em 
you wanna run but you hesitating 
I'm talking to me 

C2 G Dont let your light go down D Em dont let your fire burn out C2 G somewhere somebody needs D a reason to believe C2 G Why dont you rise up now D Em C2 G dont be afraid to stand ooooout D that's how the lost get C2 G D Em foooooound C2 G D the lost get foooooound
(verse 2) C G So when you get the chance D Em are you gonna take it C G there's a really big world at your finger tips D Em and you know you have the chance to change it C G there's a girl on the street she's crying D Em there's a man who's faith he's dying C love is calling you (it's calling you) (Bridge) Em why do we go with the flow C2 and take the easy road G D why are we playing it safe Em love came to show us the way C2 love is a chance we should take G D I'm moving out of the way (or gray?)
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