Brian Wilson

Live Let (live)(Chords)

Brian Wilson

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Key: Ab
Ab Bbm Eb     Ab Bbm Eb 

I've got a notion we come from the ocean 
     Ab  Fm   Cm Db                   Ab Eb 
And God Almighty has his hands on the wa-ter 
Ab      Cm Fm Eb  Db                Ab 
   Blue pa-ci-fic,  as azure as the sky 

 Ab         Bbm             Ab 
Perfect for fish, making a wish 
 Fm          E   Gb     Ab 
Just like a teardrop to fall 
 Bbm   Eb        Ab            Db  Gb 
Whale passin' me by, wonderin' why 
 B   Gb  Abm   Gb  Ab 
Live let live, not die 

I am a diver, a long-line survivor 
     Ab    Cm    Fm     Cm 
And man's small whale's all 
Db             Ab Eb 
  Body gravity ze-ro 
 Ab  Cm  Fm Eb  Db                     Ab 
Play the he-ro, don't mean nothing you see 

Ab          Bbm  Eb           Ab 
Man passin' by, caught in the eye 
            E   Gb      Ab 
Ponderin' wherefore and why 
Bbm  Eb          Ab               Db Gb 
God help me for whale babies that cryyyy 
 B   Gb  Abm   Gb  Ab 
Live let live, not die 

    Eb            Bbm  Eb 
My heart beats so fast 
     Eb            Bbm   Db 
Our hearts meet at last 

 Db Dbm  Ab          Bbm 
Feature creatures of God 
 E          Gb    Dbm            Gb 
Let them abound, where they are found 
 Db            Gb         Ab 
Let's get the hell outta here 

Ab  Cm  Db  Ab  Eb   
Fm  Cm  Db Dbm   Ab Fm  Eb  Ab  Db  Ab  Db Ab 

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