Brian Wilson

I'm Begging You Please(Chords)

Brian Wilson

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Key: G
Capo on 2nd fret
Capo Fret 2  

G                    Am              D7  
Baby oh baby you've taken something away from me  
   G                Am                D7  
Oh baby oh baby somehow you've gone astray from me  

Am   D        Am   D  
Ooooooo       Ooooooo  

Em                                   G  
You stop giving me what I wanted for so long  
    C                                    A7  
Without you baby life's not so easy and something is wrong  

G                B7  
Say you miss the way you used to be  
C                  B7  
Say you'll make it happen somehow  
G                 B7  
Say you'll take a chance on love again  
C                        B7  
Without ending up with a broken heart again  
I need it this time  
      A7                    D7  
I'm begging you with all my heart 
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