Brian Jonestown Massacre


Brian Jonestown Massacre

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Key: E
Capo on 1st fret

Intro: Am, F, Am, F, Am, C, Am   

Am                                  F                     Am 
Silver rings and magic things, your children should not know 
Am                               F                 Am 
Evil deeds are rotten seeds, the kind that never grow 
    F                            Am 
You put them in the ground you know 
         C                                    Am 
What you will become? Mmm-mmm, I'll tell you son 
Am                                 F              Am 
She traded life for happiness with no regrets at all 
Am                             F                  Am 
It left a rotten emptiness, it left her feeling small 
   F                         Am 
It left her nothing left at all 
Am               C                          Am 
Except something she despised, mmm-mmm, you see it in her eyes 


Then going like: 
Am, F, Am, F, Am, C, Am, C, Am, F (hold), Am, C, Am 
So in this last Am words start again. 


Am                             F                Am 
She traded love for liberty, a bold pursuit of fun 
Am                           F                    Am 
She gave away her sanity and found that she had none 
F                             Am 
Watch quickly now as she becomes 
Am                 C                                 Am 
Something that she despised, mmm-mm, you feel it in her 
Am                C                               Am 
She's living in a lie, mmm-mmm, and she's the center 
Am                C                              Am 
She gave away her life, mmm-mmm, she's not a sinner 

Then going solo part (other guitars playing like: Am, C, Am, C, Am, C, Am and same many times to end of the  
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