Brian Doerksen

Father's House Lament(Chords)

Brian Doerksen

Key: G
Verse 1: 
D              Em 
  Father, Your house 
   G                   D 
Is filled with all our shameful ways 
Father, Your house 
G              D 
We have made a marketplace 
Fashion Your love 
   G            D 
In-to a cord of discipline 
      Em               G    D 
Drive out the blinding dark-ness once again 
Em   C/E       D    G/B 
Fa - ther, for-give us 
Am              Am/G             D 
 Come fill Your house  with Your presence 
Verse 2: 
Father, Your house 
Is divided by ambitious pride 
Father, Your house 
Is full of unbelief and whitewashed lies 
Fashion Your love 
into a cord of discipline 
Drive out the blinding darkness once again 
G D Don't pass us by, we need Your love Am G/B The prodigals are waiting C D The prodigals are longing for the Em C/E Father's love D Em C/E Em C/E To fill the Father's house
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