Brian Doerksen

Change Me On The Inside(Chords)

Brian Doerksen

Key: D
D          D2          G/B         G 
I long for freedom to live in the truth 
D        D2            G 
I want to be more like you 
     D         D2       G/B          G 
But every time I try to bring about change 
   D                D2      G 
I try to change the visible me 

A                        G/B                 D D2 G D 
There's only one way I'm really gonna change? 

D         D2           G/B        G 
Just like King David I cry out to you 
D         D2         G 
Create in me a clean heart 
      D           D2      G/B       G 
I've grieved you again, I need your release 
      D            D2         G 
From patterns that keep me is sin 

A                          G/B 
There's only one way I can finally break free 

Change me on the inside 
Change me on the inside 
G                 D 
Change me on the inside 

 2000 Vineyard Songs Canada 
CCLI #1596342 
Album: Change Me On The Inside

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