Brenda Lee

Your Used To Be(Chords)

Brenda Lee

Key: D
Intro (D) Your used to (G) be, thats me thats (D) me 
Then go to second line and continue. 
(G) Your used to be, that's me, that's (D) me I was your (C) was, she is your (D) is, it's plain to (G) see I'm not your now, oh, pity (C) me For I've beco-(G)-ome, (D) your used to (G) be (C) (G)
Every time you kiss me, It tastes just (C) like goodbye And I can (G) tell that my best (Em) friend's The reason (A) why (D) When we're out to-(G)-gether, You say there's (C) nothing wrong But when she's with (G) us, you're with (Em) her And I'm (A) just a (D) tag a-(G)-long Repeat Chorus (G) When I introduced you I made my (C) first mistake I loved you (G) both and both of (Em) you Made my heart (A) break (D) Like muske-(G)-teers We always (C) roamed about But like they (G) say, three's a (Em) crowd And I'm (A) getting (D) crowded (G) out Repeat Chorus For I've become, (D) your used to (G) be-(C)-eee-(G)-eeeeeee

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