Brenda Lee

Out In The Cold Again(Chords)

Brenda Lee

Key: G
Introd.: Em Dm Gm A#m C Gm Dm E D 

Verse 1:

G Bm Em The song that you sang so sweetly, you called it our love refrain Am Em D Now, it's gone and I'm left completely, ohhh,I'm out in the cold again

Verse 2:

G I dreamed that our love would linger, but just Em E Oh, just memories remain Am Em D C Am7 Em D G Eb G I gaze at a ringless fin-ger, looks like I'm out in the cold again


G Dm G C B So, true, it hurts my pride, to step aside for somebody new A D Ohhh, but, deep down inside, my whole world depended on you

Verse 3:

G Bm Ohh, I, I wanted your arms around me to shelter me, to shelter me from the rain Am Em D G Oh, but, now I'm back where I started, oh, I'm out in the cold again E Em D G Oh, I'm out, I'm out in the cold again Gm7 C G One more time, I'm out in the cold again

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