Brenda Lee


Brenda Lee

Key: D
Intro: D Ddim Em7 A7 

D                Dm6 
Lover, when I'm near you 
      Fm7               Em7 
And I hear You speak my name 
Gm7            A7                D 
Softly, in my ear you brea the a flame 
D             Dm6 
Lover, it's immoral 
         Fm7              Em7 
But why quarrel with our bliss 
Gm7              A7             D 
When two lips of coral want to kiss 
B         Cm5-/7    F#7 
I see the devil is in you 
B         Cm5-/7    F#7 
And to resist you I try 
D           Bm7      E7     A7 
But if you didn't continue, I would die 
D                 Dm6 
Lover, please be tender 
          Fm7             Em7 
When your tender fears depart 
Gm7              A7             D 
Lover, please surrender to my heart 

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