Brenda Lee

Almost There(Chords)

Brenda Lee

Key: A
A  F#m   E7   Cdim  A F#m    D9   Dm6 
Almost  there, we're  almost  there  
Fdim D9   A   Bm7  F#m       C#        G#7 
How wonderful, wonderful our love will be  
    C#7      D9   E7 
For you, for me  
      A  F#m      E7    Cdim  A  F#m      D9   Dm6 
We're almost  there,  where  we    will  share 
Fdim D9      A   Bm7  F#m       D9        E7/9 
A warm caress, tenderness, a dream come true  
    D9      E7 
For me, for you  

 D9      D6/9   D9 Bm5-/7       Dm6  Bm5-/7 
Love has waited      such  a  long  time  
 A          D9  Bm5-/7 A 
Now we're a kiss  apart  
Bm         Bm7/E         B7 
Darling, this is the right time  
   E7      Cdim        E7 
To let the kisses start  
E7/9 E7 E7/13  E7  A  F#m       E7  Cdim  A  F#m    D9   Dm6 
For     you're    almost  mine  and  soon  we'll  find  
Fdim D9     A   F#m   Cdim     B7  Bm5-/7 
Our  paradise,  paradise  so  rare  
E7/13  E7    A   F#m          D9    E7    A 
Close your eyes    for we're almost there. 

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