Brandon Flowers

Hard Enough(Chords)

Brandon Flowers

Key: G

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Capo on 4th fret
	        (ª casa) 

G                                                 Am 
You let me in to your life unaware that there was magic and fire in the night 
C                          G 
And back then I was just a little boy 
C                               G 
I made mistakes that caused you so much pain 
D    		  	Em    D    C  C 
All I know is that I'm older now 

Some people think that it's best to refrain 
From the conventions of old-fashioned love 
C                          G 
Their hearts are filled with holes and emptiness 
C                          G 
They tell themselves that they're too young to settle down 
D    			Em   D    C		B 
Girl I promise you I'm older now 

                  Em            C 
And this has been hard enough on you 
                 D             G G/F#  		G/F# 
I know it's been hard enough on me 
           Em               C             D 
In telling myself that I can roll with the changes 

                  Em            C 
And when the water gets high above your head 
D             G G/F# 
Darling don't you see, 
           Em               C             D  D 
While this has been hard enough on you 
				G G 
It's been hard enough on me 

I wasn't looking when we built these walls 
When we spread my dreams at your feet 
C                          G 
Let's not let times build the flood rise 
C                          G 
Before my thoughts begin to run 
D    			Em   D    C		B 
I think I'm getting older now 


Em             C                   Em                     C 
Can't stand the thought of another, talking to you sweet my dear 
Em              C                     D 
Where would I be tonight if you hadn't held me here, in your arms? 
(Repeat chords from Chorus) 

( Em  C  D  G  G/F#  Em  C  D )

Written by Brandon Flowers/Daniel Lanois/Jenny Lewis/Benji Lysaght

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