Brad Paisley

Love Her Like She's Leavin'(Chords)

Brad Paisley

Key: C

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C                G 
We cut the cake, everybody danced 
and some people drank too much 
    C                        G 
You looked like the cover of Brides magazine 
and I looked like some guy in the tux 
I'll never forget 
when your Uncle Bill 
pulled up a chair and sat down 
He said son I've been married now 
45 years and he pointed at you through the crowd 

And said 

C2 F Love her like she's leaving C2 G2 Like it's all going to end if you don't C2 F Love her like she's leaving C2 C Oh and I guarantee she won't
C He said it's sending her flowers G for no reason at all Am and notes on the fridge every day F An unexpected gift at an unexpected time, G that keep the lawyers away C G It's easy to take forever for granted Am with tin cans tied to your car F I know she tells you that she'll always be there G but I'm telling you if you're smart You'll Chorus Gsus4 C She could have any man she wants you know it's true Gsus4 G Best way to keep her is to keep her wanting you Solo: C G F C G Chorus end on: C
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