Brad Paisley


Brad Paisley

Key: G

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	        Intro: (G)  (G)  (D)  (D)  (G)  (G)  (G)  
(G) Long-stemmed things of (C) beauty 
Cre(D)ated by the (G) Good Lord 
And cut (C) down, in the prime of their (G) lives 
Boxed up, wrapped in (C) paper 
Del(D)ivered to your (G) front door 
Just to (C) wind up in 
Your garbage can, out(D)side 
  Tell me, (G) how many fl(C)owers have to (D) die (D) (C#) 
  Be(C)fore you give this love another (D) try 
  I've (G) asked you 
  For(C)give me 
  At (D) least (9/10) dozen (Em) times 
  Tell me, (C) how many fl(D)owers have to (G) die 
(G)  (G)  (D)  (D)  (G)  (G)  (G) 
I'm (G) crazy and (C) I'm desperate 
I (D) had you then I (G) blew it 
And right (C) now, I've got nothing left to (G) lose 
I've got a VISA in my (C) wallet 
And I'm (D) not afraid to (G) use it 
How (C) long the needless violence lasts 
(D) Is really up to you 
(NC) Stop the senseless (C) killing 
Can't you (D) hear those roses (Em) cry 
Baby, me (C) how many (D) flowers have to (G) die 
Tell me (C) how many (D) flowers have to (G) die...... 
(G)  (G)  (D)  (D)  (G)  (G)  (G)

Written by Lee Thomas Miller, Brad Douglas Paisley, Du Bois Charles Christopher

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