Psychic Lady(Chords)


Key: F

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Well I called up the psychic lady on my TV set  
  Bb                                          F 
I gave her my credit card number said do your best 
    C7                                                F 
She said if I were you boy I wouldn't even get out of bed 
She said Mars is lined against you and you better stay home  
Yeah I see earthquakes, floods and famines wherever you roam  
Yeah, the next few days for you are like the twilight zone 
C7 F I said psychic lady, you drive me crazy Bb F With your video voodoo and you beehive hairdo C7 F Like a genie in a bottle you're livin? in my TV set
Well I went down to my car but the motor was dead And I remembered what the psychic lady had said Right then someone knocked me in the back of the head Well I woke up beat up face down in the busy street And I hailed me a cab but they'd taken my wallet and keys Then a cop stopped by and arrested my for vagrancy Chorus Fiddle Well my lawyer bailed me out but all my stuff was gone They'd taken everything but my trouble makin' telephone So I threw it out the window, said psychic lady leave me alone Chorus

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