Anti Curse(Chords)


Key: G

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	        Intro: G  C  G 

Verse 1:

C G Gettin' deep C Em C G I'm out of my depth at a public beach Em Am C G I never listened, I had to see for myself G It's comin' in waves C Em C G Shoots through my mind like a pinball stray Am C G Friendly fire, point-blank


G C G Salt in my lungs, holdin' my breath C Em Am C G Makin' peace with my inevitable death
C Em D C I guess I did alright, considerin' C Em D C Tried to be a halfway decent friend C Em D C Wound up a bad comedian C D Em A An honest fool with more bad habits C G C G Than you can count

Verse 2:

C G There we were C Em C G Was anyone ever so young? Em Am C G Breakin' curfew with illegal fireworks D C G Unpackin' God in the surburbs


C G C Em C G I'm swimmin' back C Em Am C See, you don't have to make it bad D C G C G Just 'cause you know how
Final: C G Writin' the words C Em C G To the worst love song you've ever heard Em C G Soundin' out the foreign characters Em C G An incantation like an anti-curse C G Or even a blessin'

Written by Julien Baker / Lucy Dacus / Phoebe Bridgers

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