Boxcar Willie

Red River Valley(Chords)

Boxcar Willie

Key: E
E                     B7          E  
From this valley they say you are going,  
We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile,  
         E           E7         A  
For they say you are taking the sunshine,  
         B7                    E  
That has brightened our pathway a while.  
E B7 E Come and sit by my side if you love me, B7 Do not hasten to bid me adieu. E E7 A Just remember the Red River Valley, B7 E And the hobo that's loved you so true.
E B7 E For a long time my dear, I've been waiting, B7 For those words that you never would say. E E7 A Now at last all my fond hopes have vanished, B7 For they say you are going away. Chorus E B7 E Won't you think of this valley you're leaving, B7 And how lonely and sad it will be? E E7 A And think of the heart that you're breaking B7 E And the grief you are causing me. Chorus

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