Bon Iver


Bon Iver

Key: Ab

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	        Intro F7M  G  F7M  G  C 

Up with your turret 
                 C   F7M   C  F7M 
Aren't we just terrified? 
Shale, screen your worry 

                     C   F7M  C  F7M 
From what you won't ever find 
C                 Dm 
Don't let it fool you 
C                 Dm   Am C 
Don't let it fool you  down 
C               F7M 
Down's sitting 'round 
             G     F7M 
Folds in her gown  ooooh 
Sea and the rock below 
              C   F7M  C  F7M 
Cocked to the undertow 
Bones, blood and teeth erode 
           C        F7M  C  F7M                
With every crashing node 
C                   Dm 
Wings wouldn't help you 
C                   Dm  Am C 
Wings wouldn't help you down 
C              F7M 
Down fills the ground 
          G       F7M 
Gravity's proud   ooooh 
You barely are blinkin' 
             C     F7M   C  F7M 
Wagging your face around 
When'd this just become a mortal 
  C F7M  C F7M 
Home?    Down 

Won't, won't, won't, won't 
Won't let you talk me 
F7M                Dm  Am C 
Won't let you talk me, down 
C             F7M 
We'll pull it taut 
            G   F7M  G  F7M  G  C 
Nothing let out

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