Bon Iver

Beach Baby(Chords)

Bon Iver

Key: C

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Intro:  C  F  Em  C 
        Em  Am  F  C 
        Em  Am  Am/G 

C                              F         Em 
   When you're out, tell your lucky one 
C                      Em 
   To know that you'll leave 
Am                F                 C 
   But don't you lock when you're fleeing 
Em                      Am   Am/G 
   I'd like not to hear keys 

C                       F             Em 
   Only hold till your coffee warms 
C                       Em 
   But don't hurry and speed 

Am        Am/G       C 
   Once a time put a tongue 
Em                    Am    Am/G 
   In your ear on the beach 
F                               Am  Am/G  D/F# F   Em 
   And you clutched, clicking hee.........eeeels 

Solo:  C  F  Em  C 
       Em  Am  F  C 
       Em  Am  Am/G  D/F# 
       Am  Am/G  D/F#  F  Em

Written by Justin Vernon

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