Bon Iver

00000 Million(Chords)

Bon Iver

Key: F

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verse 1
             F                            Bb 
Must've been forces, that took me on them wild courses 
                    F                    C 
Who knows how many poses, that I've been in 
                   F                      Bb 
But them the main closest, hark! it gives meaning Mine 
                F              C        F 
I cannot really post this, ah feel the signs 
                 Dm                     F 
I worried about rain and I worried bout lightning 
                   Dm           Am                 C 
But I watched them off, to the light of the morning 
              F           C           F 
Marking the slope, slung low in the highlands 
           Bb                 C 
Where the days have no numbers 
         F                          Edim              F 
If it's harmed, it's harmed me, it'll harm, I let it in 

verse 2 
             F                Bb      
Oh, the old modus: out to be leading live 
                     F               C      
Said, comes the old ponens, demit to strive 
              F                     Bb 
A word about Gnosis: it ain't gonna buy the groceries 
               F           C        F 
Or middle-out locusts, or weigh to find 
               Dm                      F         
I worry about shame, and I worry bout a worn path 
             Dm       Am            C 
And I wander off, just to come back home 
            F           C           F 
Turning to waltz, hold high in the lowlands 
           Bb                 C 
Cause the days have no numbers 
     F                       Edim         F 
It harms me, it harms me, it harms like a lamb 

verse 3 
           F                         Bb         
So I can depose this, partial to the bleeding vines 
                  F                         C 
Suppose you can't hold shit. how high I've been 
                   F                         Bb   
What a river don't know is: to climb out and heed a line 
              F          C      F 
To slow among roses, or stay behind 
I've been to that grove 
Where no matter the source is 
                Dm           Am       C 
And I walked it off: how long I'd last 
              F           C           F 
Sore-ring to cope, whole band on the canyon 
          Bb                  C 
Cause the days have no numbers 
        F                    Edim                F 
Well it harms it harms me it harms, I'll let it in

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