Bob Seger

Ship Of Fools(Chords)

Bob Seger

Key: Bb

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Bb                              F 
Tell me, quick, said Old McFee..what's this all have  
                Cm                Eb             Bb 
to do with me?..I've spent all my time at sea, a loner. 
Bb                                      F 
Is there something else I should know?..something hidden  
                Cm       Eb         Bb 
down below, the level of your conversation? 

Gm Cm F Well, he turned away before the answer.. Gm Cm F though I yelled aloud, he refused to hear. Bb Eb Bb It became too clear..
Bb F So, it went as we put out..I was left in constant doubt.. Cm Eb Bb everything I asked about seemed private. Bb F The captain strolled the bridge one night..I stopped him Cm Eb in the evening ask him would it be all right to Bb join him.
Gm Cm F But he stood there like some idol.. Gm Cm F and he listened like some temple.. Bb Eb Bb and then he turned away.
Bb F All along the fateful coast..we moved silent, like a ghost. Cm Eb Bb The timeless sea of tireless host possessed us. Bb The wind came building from the cold northwest.. F Cm Eb and soon the waves began to crest, crashing cross the forward Bb deck..all hands lost.
Gm Cm F I alone, survived the sinking.. Gm Cm F I alone, possessed the tools, on Bb Eb Bb that ship of fools.
OUTRO: Bb Eb Bb Bb Eb Bb Ship of fools......on that ship of fools.. Bb Eb Bb that ship of fools..

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