Bob Seger

No Man S Land(Chords)

Bob Seger

Key: C

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Intro: C G D Am C G D Am 

C                      G        D                 Am  C  
Headin' in or  headin' out      Standing on the shore  
                     G         D                    Am 
Pause a moment to reflect     Which trip costs you more  
 C                   G              D                          Am 
Between the ever restless crowds     And the silence of uour room 
 C                          G       D                 C 
 Spend an hour in no man's land     You'll be leaving soon  
                        G        D                          Am 
Victims come and victims go       There's always lots to spare 
 C                        G      D                       Am 
One victim lives the tragedy      One victim stops to stare 
 C                         G     D                    Am 
And still another walks on by    Pretending not to see 
 C                           G              D                            Am 
They're all out there in no man's land    Cause it's the safest place to be 
 F                    Bb     C                     F 
But sanctuary never comes   Without some kind of risk 
                      Bb      C                     D 
Illusions without freedom    Never quite add up to bliss  
                         Bb        F                  
The haunting and the haunted    Play a game no one can win  
                         Bb         C                       D 
The spirits come at midnight     And by dawn they're gone again 
                          G      D                     Am 
 And so it seems our destiny    To search and never rest 
C                        G          D                   Am  
To ride that ever changing wave   That never seems to crest 
C                          G          D                  Am 
To shiver in the darkest night     Afraid   to make a stand  
 C                           G        D                   Am   C... 
And then go back and do our time    Out there in no man's land

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