Bob Seger

In Your Time(Chords)

Bob Seger

Key: G

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	        (intro)  G  C  D 
         D  C  G 

(verse 1) 
G   C   D		         G 
In your time the innocence will fall away 
G   C   D                           Em 
In your time the mission bells will toll, oh 
Em  D   C		      G 
All along the corridors and river beds 
G        C   D     D  C   G 
There?ll be signs in your time 

(verse 2) 
G    C   D                             G 
Towering waves will crash across your southern capes 
G   C   D                              Em 
Massive storms will reach your eastern shores 
Em     D   C                             G 
Fields of green will tumble through your summer days 
G  C   D   D  C   G 
By design in your time 

G   D/F#  Em       G               C 
Feel the wind and set yourself the bolder course 
G   D/F#  Em       G          C 
Keep your heart as open as a shrine 
      G                 D 
You?ll sail the perfect line 

(solo w/ verse chords) 

(verse 3) 
    G  C  D                         G 
And after all the dead ends and the lessons learned 
G  C  D                               Em 
After all the stars have turned to stone 
Em       D  C                         G 
There?ll be peace ccross the great unbroken void 
G   C   D   D   C  G 
All benign in your time 
G      C   D          C          G 
You?ll be fine in your time 

(end on G)

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