Bob Seger

If I Were A Carpenter(Chords)

Bob Seger

Key: A

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Intro:   A D/ A/ G / D(lower) / A 

A           G         D              A 
If I were a carpenter and you were a lady 
A                  G       D                  A 
Would you marry me anyway?  Would you have my baby? 
G   D A   (2x) 
A              G           D                           A   
If I worked my hands in wood, I wonder would you still love me? 
     G          D                  A 
Say yes I would, and I'll put you above me 
G   D A                               G   D A 
       That's what my woman would say 
G                    D          A 
And would you save my love from loneliness 
G             D             A   
Would you save my love from sorrow, if you would 
              G    D          A 
I give you my onlyness, girl and all of my tomorrows, all of my tomorrows 

G   D A   (2x) 

Yeah Yeah???.Cmon 


G   D A   (2x) 

A           G            D                   A 
If a tinker were my trade, would you still find me? 
A            G                         D                        A 
Carrying the pots and the pans that I made, walking along the highway 
That long lonely highway 

G   D A  (7x)

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