Bob Seger

Feel Like A Number(Chords)

Bob Seger

Key: E

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I take my card and I stand in line, to make a buck I work overtime 
A                                         B               E 
'Dear Sir' letters keep coming in the mail 
I work my back till its wracked with pain , the boss cant even recall my name 
  A                                    B                        E 
I show up late and I'm docked , it never fails 
 A                                   E 
I feel like just another spoke in a great big wheel 
          A                                                      B 
like a tiny blade of grass in a great big field 
To workers, I'm just another drone, To mabell I'm just another phone 
I'm just another statistic on a sheet 
To teachers, I'm just another child,  To IRS, I'm another file 
I'm just another consensus on the street 
Gonnna  cruise out of this cityhead down to the sea 
Gonna shout out at the ocean, 'Hey ...its me' 
And I feel like a number, feel like a number, 
Feel like a stranger, a stranger in this land 


I feel like a number, I'm not a number 
I not a number, I'm not a number, I'm not a number, 
A                                                    E 
Damn it , I'm a man, I said I'm a man, And I feel like a...

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