Bob Saget

Danny Tanner Was Not Gay(Chords)

Bob Saget

Key: Em

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      Em        C  G         Em             C G 
We're here on a Friday, this guitar is from E-Bay. 
     Em         C      G        Em               D   G 
I've heard some of you say, but Danny Tanner Was Not Gay. 

        C                      D      G 
Tell me why, They lived in San Francisco? 
        C                              D     G 
Tell me why, They went through lots of   Crisco? 
        C                       D        G 
Tell me why, I never slept with Dave Coulier? 
    Em                      D    G   Em B  
But,   Kimmy Gibbler got it this way. 

      Em                          Em7  
After eight years with them, in a house with two men; 
          C             Am D 
They were my second family. 
         Em                            Em7 
The last show shed a tear, then Stamos grabbed at my rear; 
           Am                  D4 D 
And, Uncle Jesse was inside of me. 
Sometimes the show wan't that funny; 
But, fuck you, made lots of money. 
But, I gave, I gave half to my ex-wife anyway. 
It would've been cheaper if I had been gay. 

Tell me why, Some people called me Faggot? 
Tell me why, maybe 'cause my last name's Saget. 
Tell me why, I suck dick for coke, but that's not the same. 
That doesn't mean Danny Tanner could be gay. 
Oh, oh, oh, no, Danny Tanner was not gay, like Dave Coulier. Oooohhhh.

Written by Bob Saget

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