Bob Mould

I Dont Know You Anymore(Chords)

Bob Mould

Key: G
Capo on 2nd fret

G Am C Em D 
G Am C G 
C  Em 
G  A   
C  D 

G Am C D x4 


Intro (Chorus progression) 

verse 1: 
G          Am                  
A thousand pieces of my heart  
C                           Em    D 
spread across the weathered floor 
G    Am               
No idea how to start  
C                      G 
solving puzzles from before 
         C                        Em 
Maybe in time this confusion will fade 
     G                     A        C                 D 
When every single error we made was right there on display 

G       Am       C    D 
I don't know you any  more 
G        Am        C        D 
Name and face have been obscured 
G           Am     C        D       G        Am   C   D 
Change them if you want but I don't know you any  more 

verse 2: 
G             Am 
I played back everything we said 
            C                Em   D 
but all the words are out of phase 
      G        Am     
Yes a tape rewinds inside my head 
C                        G 
treading but it can't be saved 
        C                       Em 
pushing record when I wanted to play 
               G                       A 
the message is clear how you pushed me away 
    C          D 
its more than I can change 


F#m               Am               
I had a vision of one crash try 
     C          D 
What else to be made 
F#m                       Am 
don't suffer a distant face 
C               D 
Staring back so silently 

Chorus x2 

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