Bob Mould

Hey Mr Grey(Chords)

Bob Mould

Key: Am
verse 1 

Am      F     Dm              C        Am 
Hey Mr. Grey, that's what the children say 
Dm                 F     G          C 
Life used to be so hard, get off my yard 
Am         F      Dm         C 
They're so young, they're so dumb 
Am   F     Dm   C 
They don't understand 
Am         D       Dm         C 
Kids don't follow, kids don't lead 
Am   F  D       F 
Kids go hand in hand 

G F 
G Em 
F C  Am 
C  Am  Em 
F C G Em 
F G 

verse 2 
Am      F     Dm        C       Am 
Hey Mr. Blue, the brokenhearted fool 
Dm         F               G           C 
You wonder why the one you loved would lie 
Am      F      Dm         C         AM 
Hey Mr. Green, your grace is rarely seen 
Dm             F                 G    C 
So filled with rage and then you disengage 
Am     F   Dm     C 
Get so up, get so down 
Am  F     DM C 
Get mixed up inside 
Am      D      Dm      C 
Kiss of death, kiss of love 
Am   F  D   F 
Kiss it all goodbye 
Am      F      Dm           C        AM 
Hey Mr. White, it's time to stop the fight 
Dm            F                 G 
The world has changed while you turned out 
the lights 
    Am      F    Dm          C    Am 
But Old Mr. Grey will slowly fade away 
Dm      F     G       C 
Old Mr. Grey, Hey Mr. Grey 
Dm     F           G         C 
Find a life that's right for you 

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