Bleu Edmondson

It's Alright(Chords)

Bleu Edmondson

Key: E

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(Bleu Edmondson) 
Intro Chords: 
E E E E 
E B A B 
E B A B 
E B A B 
E              B        A                    E  
I found myself shopping lookin' for a better deal 
E                       B       A                 E  
Running all around this country rollin' on silver wheels 
E                   B    A            E  
But I ain't found nobody no one to compare 
        E                   B              A                   E  
To that little girl down in Texas with the long, blonde, curly hair 

B A E And it's alright, yeah it's okay A E Cause I've been gone for too damn long and I'm headed home today B A E Well it's alright, yeah it's okay E I've been driving all night, just to see that smile B E And I can't wait another day
Intro chords She's got such an easy laugh it kind of hangs around She looks so good, and smells so fine, she's a queen without a crown She knows how to hold me back, she knows how to let me go Brother, she knows just what I like when she turns the lights down low Chorus Solo Piano solo Now I can't say that I love her, she won't let it go that far Cause she knows what it's like when a Southern man hits the road with his guitar But her blue eyes they make me crazy when I lie in bed at night And I'd give up all the women I know just to watch her sleep tonight Chorus Chorus

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